Come as you are! Seriously.  You will enjoy and improve at CrossFit by simply doing CrossFit.  All of our workouts are scaled for each individual. Our group based style classes will provide you with the support and community spirit that will help you realise your potential. Don’t worry about barbell lifting, you will start light and build up to whatever you are comfortable with.

A sense of COMMUNITY. CrossFit’s success is largely driven by creating and fostering a friendly suppportive group environment where we have fun, push ourselves, and achieve new fitness levels – egos are left at the door.

Furthemore you will be given clear, and frequent, instruction by our experienced coaches and your training will be part of a overall program providing you with a clear focus and your progress will be routinely measured.

A large part of CrossFit’s success is that every exercise or movement is scaleable. This means that you can work up to the required movements at your own pace.

You can also start your journey with our CrossFit Lite classes that are focused less on technical aspects of lifting, and will prepare you in terms of introducing you to higher intensity interval style training.

Initially you can try us for Free to see if you enjoy our sessions.

If you fancy getting involved with CrossFit thereafter you can either:

1) join our CrossFit Lite classes directly, or

2) Sign up to our ‘On Ramp Course’ where you will learn the fundamentals of CrossFit

Your trial will take place in one of our classes with our fantastic members and coach.  They will lead you through the class which typically involves a warm up, strength component, conditioning workout and cool-down.  Everything will be scaled to your current fitness level and ability.  Our small classes mean you’ll get one-on-one attention during the class and leave sweaty but smiling.

Yes. You are entitled to ONE hold per membership cycle.

Please drop us an email before you go holiday, so we can then update our system accordingly.