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WOD: ‘Workout Of The Day’ in the CrossFit Class

OPEN GYM: No formal classes set, you are free to do your own training

BOOTCAMP: Challenging, functional, and fun workout where sessions utilise mainly body weight exercises, plyometrics, running while also incorporating some basic equipment such as kettlebells, wall-balls, and dumb-bells.

CROSSFIT LITE: Essential the same as Bootcamp but you can be exposed to basic barbell lifting if so desired.

ADVANCED WOD: For the more serious amongst us, where more technically challenging elements of CrossFit are explored and mastered.

PERSONAL TRAINING: One to one private sessions where our experienced trainers will tailor a bespoke program and motivate you to help in hitting your fitness goals.

FUNDAMENTALS: personalised instruction where the core movements of CrossFit are first introduced. By minimising distractions, lifting techniques and movement patterns are reinforced in a safe and controlled environment.