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Crossfit kids

Fuelling the Next Generation of Athletes

At Typhoon, we believe in instilling a love of fitness and healthy living at a young age. That's why we're proud to offer our Crossfit Kids program - a dynamic and engaging way for children to develop essential movement skills, physical literacy, and a strong foundation for lifelong wellness.

Typhoon Crossfit Kids is a specialized program designed for boys and girls aged 6-12. Using age-appropriate Crossfit-inspired exercises and activities, our certified coaches guide participants through fun, high-energy workouts that improve:

  • Strength and muscular endurance

  • Cardiovascular fitness and conditioning

  • Body awareness and motor skill development

  • Balance, coordination, and agility

Join the Typhoon Crossfit Kids community and watch them soar. Contact us now to secure your child's spot in our next session!

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