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We are dedicated to helping you reach your fitness goals through scalable, constantly varied workouts.  Join our supportive gym community and experience the transformative power we offer.



CrossFit 6 Months Unlimited - Upfront Payment

$14,500 (usual price $17,400)

CrossFiit 1 Month Flexible - Pay As You Go

$2,900 (usual price $3700)


Our classes combine functional movements with high-intensity interval training to improve strength, endurance, and overall fitness. We offer Bootcamp for beginners, HYROX for our HYROX fanatics, and don't forget our popular Strength & Conditioning and CrossFit classes. 




Starting from




Starting from




We allow bookings up to one week in advance for all classes. We recommend to book early! 


The best place to workout in Hong Kong! The community and trainers here are awesome, I've learned so much already in 2 months!

Maise Fairweather

I started training at Typhoon 2 months ago to get in shape for Hyrox, currently fittest and strongest I’ve ever felt. Love the energy, love the coaches! Couldn’t recommend highly enough #onemorerep

Michael Smith

Went to the Bunker for the first time yesterday - what a great workout! It's a very fun, friendly atmosphere, and for newbie's like me, the trainers give excellent support and advice on how to do exercises properly. Would definitely recommend it!

Sabrina Ho

  • What is Bootcamp?
    Bootcamp is a high-intensity, fast-paced workout incorporates a variety of exercises like bodyweight training, cardio, and plyometrics. The goal is to provide a full-body, sweaty, challenging workout!
  • I still have some questions!
    Please do contact us here and we will get back to you at the soonest! Alternatively, you can email us at or you can WhatsApp us at +852 5137 9470.
  • Are there any membership fees or additional costs associated with joining a T10 Barbell Club?
    T10 Barbell Club classes are included in the T8 CrossFit Unlimited Membership Plan. T10 Barbell Club is $450 for a drop-in. Each class is 90 minutes.
  • Is there a specific fitness level or skill set required to join a T10 Barbell Club?
    It is recommended that individuals have some prior experience with weightlifting exercises. Beginners may benefit from starting with our Bootcamp class, or working one-to-one with our coaches on foundations before joining Barbell Club.
  • What is the difference between T10 Barbell Club and our regular classes?
    T10 Barbell Club focuses on strength training with barbells and Olympic weightlifting movements, while regular classes have a broader focus on overall fitness and may incorporate a variety of equipment. T10 Barbell Club is more structured and requires more barbell techniques, while regular classes are more accessible to beginners.
  • Are there any specific safety protocols or guidelines that members must follow while using the equipment?
    In a T10 Barbell Club class, the focus is proper techniques in various movements. Our coach will guide the class in warming up and selecting appropriate weights. The coaches are available to provide guidance and ensure members work out safely and effectively.
  • What kind of exercises and workouts are typically done in a T10 Barbell Club?
    T10 Barbell Club includes compound exercises like squats, deadlifts, and bench press, as well as Olympic weightlifting movements like the snatch and clean and jerk. The workouts are focusing on progressive overload and periodization. Our coach there provides guidance on technique and form and accessory exercise to improve strength and power.
  • What is Strength and Conditioning?
    Strength and conditioning involves a combination of resistance and strength training, cardiovascular exercise, plyometrics designed to improve muscular strength, power, endurance, speed, agility, and flexibility.
  • What kind of equipments does a Strength and Conditioning use and is it suitable for all fitness levels?
    Strength and Conditioning is designed to be suitable for individuals of all fitness levels, as workouts can be scaled or modified to accommodate different fitness levels. We incorporate bodyweight exercises and use equipment that includes kettlebells, resistance bands, dumbbells, medicine balls, jump ropes, and plyometric boxes.
  • What kind of equipment is used in the Crossfit classes?
    Crossfit classes utilize a wide range of functional training equipment, including barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells, pull-up bars, gymnastics rings, and other tools, with the specific equipment varying from class to class to keep the workouts fresh and engaging.
  • What is the format of a Crossfit class at Typhoon?
    The Typhoon Crossfit (WOD) classes follow a structured format of warm-up, skill/strength development, the "Workout of the Day" (WOD), and cool-down, utilizing a variety of functional equipment and providing scalable workouts for participants of all experience levels within a supportive group environment that fosters a sense of community and promotes overall fitness and functional capabilities.
  • Do I need prior Crossfit experience to join the T8 Crossfit (WOD) classes?
    Yes, T8 Crossfit (WOD) classes are open to individuals of all experience levels, including those new to Crossfit; however, the program recommends that new members first complete a Fundamental Crossfit class before joining the T8 Crossfit (WOD) classes. The Fundamental class is designed to provide a solid foundation in Crossfit movements and safety protocols, ensuring that new participants are comfortable with the basic techniques and can safely engage in the more advanced T8 Crossfit (WOD) sessions. This introductory class allows members to develop the necessary skills and confidence before transitioning into the group-based T8 Crossfit (WOD) program. By completing the Fundamental class, new members can ensure they have the proper form and understanding of Crossfit principles, which will allow them to fully participate in the T8 Crossfit (WOD) classes and benefit from the program's intensity and community-driven approach.
  • I already have CrossFit background, do I still need to book a fundamental session.
    If you have CrossFit or Olympic lifting experience you are welcome to book into our CrossFit classes. Please let the coaches know the specifics of your CrossFit training and if you have any injuries we should know.
  • How are the workouts scaled for different fitness levels?
    Crossfit (WOD) program is designed for universal scalability, with instructors closely monitoring and supervising participants to provide appropriate scaling and modifications to accommodate different abilities and goals, making the classes accessible to individuals of all experience and fitness levels.
  • Is Typhoon a HYROX affiliate gym?
    Yes we are an official HYROX affiliate gym.
  • What classes can I go with my HYROX class pass?
    You can access Bootcamp and Hyrox classes with T1, T3 or T8 Memberships. If you want to have access to only HYROX classes then it is recommended to buy our T1 packages.
  • Can I access the HYROX programs?
    You can access our Hyrox program by joining us. Once you have joined us, you will have access to WodUp. An email will be sent to you to activate your account, from there, you will be able to see our HYROX programs.
  • What are the package options if I only want HYROX?
    Our HYROX program sits under our T1 membership. If you only want to train HYROX, we would recommend to purchase our T1 packages.
  • How do I get started and what should I expect during my first few classes?
    To get started with us, contact us via Instagram or WhatsApp and inquire about our 3-Class Intro Pack. Our membership specialist will help guide you to book into your first class. During your first few classes, pace yourself and ask for modifications if needed. During these 3 classes, we welcome any questions about the programs and memberships. We are here to provide you with the information you need.
  • What are the membership options available and what is included in each one?
    We have two types of memberships: Unlimited Plan and Packages. Each T3 Strength and Conditioning student will choose if they would like to do unlimited membership or packages. Unlimited membership prices will vary depending on how long you would like your plan to be, and for packages, the prices will also vary depending on the amount of class package you buy. In addition, we have one time drop-in classes, one-week visitor pass and also Private One-to-One service.
  • Do you have toilets and shower rooms?
    Yes we do, we also provide free towels for you to use.
  • Are there any prerequisites required before starting any of our programs?
    Beginners to functional training are welcome to start with Bootcamp and HYROX. For students who are new to CrossFit, you will be required to do up to two sessions of one-to-one foundations with one of our coaches to learn the best movements and techniques used in CrossFit. This is to provide a safe and supportive environment to build confidence and improve fitness when the student goes into our CrossFit classes. Other than our CrossFit program, there are no perquisites for our other programs and we welcome you to try Bootcamp, HYROX, and Strength & Conditioning.
  • What is the coaching like and how do the coaches ensure proper form and technique?
    Our experienced coaches use a variety of strategies to ensure proper form and technique, even when running two classes at the same time. At the beginning of the class, our coach will do a check in with everyone. The class starts with a group instruction with clear demonstrations. The coach then will circulate the room, give individualized feedback, and modify certain movements to meet individual needs. At Typhoon, our coaches prioritize safety and proper technique over intensity.
  • Are there any nutrition programs or recommendations available to complement the workouts?
    We don’t provide nutrition programs as part of the membership plan. Saying that, our coaches does help and provide macro recommendations to individuals that needs further support.
  • What happens after my Intro class? Am I ready to join the group class?
    Congrats on finishing your intro class! You are almost ready to embark on your fittest journey with Typhoon! Pick a package or an unlimited plan that is best suited for you and you are all set to go. We are here if you have any questions about the programs or pricing.
  • I need something urgently, how can we contact you faster?
    For your urgent needs, please WhatsApp 5137 9470 or message us on

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